Archangels and Angels

Archangel Michael
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Archangel Michael:

Archangel Michael was the first Angel created by God and is the most powerful, celebrated and well-known angel in history, scripture, art and literature and is the spearhead of all the Archangels; he is responsible for protection, courage, strength...
Celestial Hierarchy
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Celestial Hierarchy:

The Nine Celestial Choirs: Most scholars throughout the world believe that Angels are divided into clearly defined ranks. Depending on the rank and purpose of an Angel determines the distinct honours and duties associated with an Angel. One of the most...
Archangel Ariel
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Archangel Ariel:

Archangel Ariel is aligned with air, wind and water, and although he is a guardian of all animals, he is especially aligned with birds and the Lion would be considered his “animal totem.” Archangel Ariel will act as an Angelic Liaison for those interested...
Archangel Azrael
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Archangel Azrael:

Archangel Azrael has a loving, gentle Angelic energy and holds space with quiet strength. His colour vibration is that of Black and Silver and the gemstone associated with Azrael is Yellow Calcite, and like all those within the Angelic Realm, he comes to...
Archangel Chamuel
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Archangel Chamuel:

Archangel Chamuel’s name means “He who sees or seeks God” and is the Archangel of unconditional love and adoration. In other religious scripts and documents he is also named as Camael, Camiel, Camiul, Camniel
Archangel Gabriel
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Archangel Gabriel:

Archangel Gabriel is known as the "messenger" Angel and is one of the four Archangels named in Hebrew tradition and is considered to be one of the two highest-ranking Angels
Archangel Haniel
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Archangel Haniel:

Archangel Haniel’s name means “The Joy of God” or "The Grace of God" and he works on the colour vibration of Dark Green or Bluish White and the gemstone association is Moonstone.
Archangel Jeremiel
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Archangel Jeremiel:

Archangel Jeremiel’s name means "mercy of God" and he works on the colour vibration is that of Purple or Violet and the gemstone association is Amethyst. Archangel Jeremiel is sometimes referred to as Ramiel. In ancient Judaic texts, Archangel Jeremiel...
Archangel Jophiel
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Archangel Jophiel:

Archangel Jophiel’s name means “Beauty of God” and is the Archangel of creativity, beauty and art, He is sometimes referred to as Iofiel, Iophiel, Jofiel or Zophiel in various religions. Archangel Jophiel’s Colour Vibration is that of the Golden Yellow...
Archangel Metatron
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Archangel Metatron:

Archangel Metatron is one of the Prince Regents of the Seraphim; Chancellor of Heaven; the Scribe who takes down God's words and sometimes known