Spiritual Healing


Spiritual Healing

Over the last few decades, or so, there has emerged a growing interest from people of all walks of life focussed upon Spiritual Healing. The development of this interest has given rise to some highly noteworthy questions, the most frequently asked being “What is Spiritual Healing?”

Spiritual Healing is the assignation of the power of Love within the design of natural law. This law originates from God, therefore healing is a divine act which sets in motion the law-governed forces within the divine plan. Spiritual Healing is not new; it is however respected in almost every civilisation the world has known, from the most basic to the most highly cultivated. Spiritual Healing has, at some point in its development, become conscious of the natural healing potential which surrounds, not only mankind, but every expression of the universal Life-Force.

Being at one with the Life-Force, the Healing acumen recognises none of the artificial barriers of race, colour or creed which man himself has introduced. Nor can the gift of healing be regarded as the privilege of any one group of people. Truly Universal, both in concept and purpose, Spiritual Healing is as much a part of the Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist or Islamic way of life as it is of those who follow the example of any other spiritually evolved being.

For many, Spiritual Healing is seen as an equivalent to ‘faith healing’ and the belief that it is necessary to possess an abundance of religious faith in order to benefit from healing has been unrelenting throughout the centuries. This has no real basis. Other, and more significant factors are involved; if we were to accept that ‘faith’ is the only degree by which the success of healing can be measured, we should be saying to many people, “You are not worthy to be healed” because you carry with you no ‘faith’.

Such a statement, in common with the certainty that leads to it, is without substance and we are frequently reminded by the evidence seen with our own eyes that religious faith alone is no criteria for the success or failure of healing. To appreciate this we only have to consider the countless occasions when, through the medium of absent healing, aid is sought for someone who is completely unaware of the nature of the help they are receiving. Equally so is healing directed towards young children, the mentally sick and members of the animal kingdom. In none of these examples can the recipient of healing be said to possess ‘faith’, yet the fact remains that they do respond to the healing effort.

A high percentage of those seeking healing do so almost as a last resort, having been told by their doctors that medical science can do no more for them and that they will have to learn to live with whatever condition assails them. The fact that many so-called ‘incurables’ respond to healing to a degree not considered possible by mankind, points clearly to the presence of that power which is required to bring about the improvement. As we understand God to be Spirit, the term ‘Spiritual Healing’ is indisputably the most apt to describe what is, without any doubt, mankind’s greatest gift from God. That Spiritual Healing works is indisputable. That it does so in a perfectly logical and reasoned way is a proven fact.

Investigation of the case histories of those who have advanced from healing would show not a string of illogical and seemingly random events, but a carefully planned and rational pattern. Not the same pattern in every case, but one which has clearly been personalised to suit the specific needs of the individual concerned. This fact provides us with yet one more item of convincing evidence pointing unmistakably, not only to the value of Spiritual Healing, but to the existence of the Healing Intelligence.

So, what is a Spiritual Healer? A Healer is a person who is used by the Healing Intelligence through whose enablement of this perfect law of Spiritual Healing will take effect. The healer is an instrument through which the healing power is directed to the patient. Like a computer network the healer simply provides a link between the Source of healing and the patient. Whilst a Healer can mediate and request healing, the healer cannot determine the manner in which the Healing Intelligence will work, nor indeed the way in which the patient will react to the healing.

It is often asked by the individual receiving the healing – will this cure me? No one can guarantee a complete cure of every ailment or condition, whether the medium is a spiritual healer, orthodox doctor or a shaman. However, whole cures have been known in thousands of cases where conventional medicine has failed. So how is Spiritual Healing able to achieve these often incredible cures which are often beyond the scope of mainstream medicine?

Mankind is, first and primarily, a spirit with a body and not simply a body with a spirit (read Silver Birch). Mankind’s true and natural empathy is not with the material surroundings in which we dwell for a few short years, but with the Source of life itself. The purpose of healing is to bring about the Spiritual transformation of mankind. To restore a state of harmony between the essential aspects of our highly complex nature. Without such harmony we cannot be healthy. Doctors frequently treat only the symptoms of a disease, whereas Spiritual Healing sets out to remedy the cause. Once the cause has been eradicated a state of health can return. This is the key reason why Spiritual Healing is able to help many who would otherwise have been committed to the scrap-heap of life by medical science.

If Spiritual Healing is so incredible should you stop seeing your doctor when receiving Spiritual Healing? This would be irresponsible as it may be necessary to receive certain medications for your particular condition. By receiving both medical treatment and Spiritual Healing you will receive the best treatment from both worlds. A Healer would never recommend that you stop seeing your regular doctor. The ultimate goal of every healer is to be able to work in co-operation with the medical profession, not to take the sole place of doctors in our society.

It’s often been asked if there is anything to fear from Spiritual Healing. Most people, when they ask this question, really mean ‘Will it hurt me?’ There is nothing to fear from Spiritual Healing, each healing service wherever it may take place is in the hands of God. The freeing of a locked joint or the repositioning of a slipped disc for example, is brought about solely through the power of healing and not as the result of any manipulative procedures used by the healer. Many patients when they first visit a healer are a little nervous, but the complete freedom of healing quickly dispels any fears or doubts the patients may have. Eventually, even the twitchiest person becomes fully relaxed and at ease, instilled with a sense of well-being as the Healing Intelligence seeks to bring about Spiritual, mental and physical ease.

How many times are you recommended to visit a healer? Many suspected failures of healing transpire because a patient visits a healer once or twice and then, for no apparent reason, completely breaks the contact. The healing process often requires an unspecified period of time to achieve the maximum effect. It is prudent to sustain regular visits, but where this is not possible ask for your name to be added to the ‘absent healing' list.

Is it necessary to remove and strip clothing for a Healer to work? The short answer is ‘no’, with the possible exception of any heavy garment or coat (and then only for comfort) you will at no time be asked, nor be expected, to remove any clothing as this is completely unnecessary in Spiritual Healing.

The question most commonly asked is, ‘if healing comes to us from God, why does it sometimes seem to take so long to work?’ It has to be understood that there are no ‘miracles’, neither of healing or of anything else; merely the appearance of natural law as yet unknown to us and although there are many spontaneous recoveries healing, generally speaking, is a progressive procedure. Every act of healing conforms to the unquestionable laws of nature, laws to which every single facet of life, whether incarnate or discarnate is subject to. If the condition of the physical organism has deteriorated over many years as a result of disease, then complete function cannot be restored overnight. A period of time is often needed for the healing potential to work. At other times healing, before it can remedy a purely physical condition, has first to restore harmony within the individual.

What happens when healing fails to deliver what is expected? We don’t always know the reason for the apparent failure of healing and often we can only but wonder as to the reason. It may be that a state of inner discord has taken such a firm hold of the individual which presents an active barrier to complete recovery. Many illnesses are caused by environmental factors, or by a careless style of living.

Whilst healing frequently alleviates many of the effects in such cases, the cause all too often remains and so we do not see the degree of improvement that would be expected. Often the illness returns after healing has brought a visible improvement, simply because the patient maintains the cause by continuing to live (through no fault of their own) amongst the very conditions which instigated the ailment. In other cases the patient has to learn to live harmoniously with themselves or with other people and resist generating emotions of fear, anger, selfishness and so on, which throw the whole being into a state of disharmony again.

At other times, there is no seemingly physical response and the patient dies. In such cases, even when terminally painful conditions are involved, the patient frequently enters a previously unknown state of physical and mental tranquillity, subsequently passing from the earthly life without distress and often without the need for pain killing drugs. In such cases we have to solemnly ask ourselves whether healing has really failed if it has succeeded in bringing peace at the end of earthly life (in itself a blessing) and enabled the transition from one state of consciousness to another to take place calmly and effortlessly.

Is there any way that the patient can help the healing process? Yes, by learning to think positively. Thought is a very powerful force in life and we can go a long way towards aiding the healing effort by positive and resourceful thinking. This does much to restore and maintain the harmonious conditions which are always vital to health. If the patient can adopt a wholehearted attitude in anticipation of the desired results the healing process will often be enhanced. The curse of the modern world is nervous tension. It is essential that when visiting a healer, you should feel completely relaxed. This will assist with the reception of the healing power. Good health is a state of spiritual and physical harmony, and you must make up your own mind whether you want good health or not. Do not denounce the healer if you are not improving after the first visit, rather ponder the length of time you have suffered before coming for Spiritual Healing. Remember that the healer, and his friends in spirit, will help you all they can, but they cannot do the impossible; they can only work within the limits of natural laws.

In closing a word on Absent Healing and whether it is as effective as contact healing. It would be quite wrong to suggest that one form of healing is more effective than another. Whether the healer works with the patient seated before them, or whether they ask for intervention for someone living miles away, the Healing Intelligence works towards precisely the same effect, which is the restoration of spiritual, mental and bodily health. However, just as there are some people who mysteriously respond more readily when there is personal contact with the healer, there are occasions when absent healing can more productively be utilised. This is particularly true in the treatment of young children, in cases of mental illness and of drug and alcohol addiction.

Absent healing is more often requested for someone who, because of their religious philosophies, or because, of their complete scepticism, would not themselves seek Spiritual Healing.

Try Spiritual Healing if all else has failed you. You have nothing to lose and, potentially, a great deal to be gained.