Universal Energy


Universal Energy

What is Universal Energy? The term ‘Universal Energy’ is often used to describe the healing energies that practitioners such as Reiki or Spiritual healers will channel through their own bodies into the bodies of others with the idea being that these energies will convey healing to those who are in need. Does it work? It works in different ways with different people and is dependent upon the healing gift and prowess of the healer and the receptiveness of the subject; these variances will depend on how effective the healing will be as everything in God’s universe is composed of energy and different energies have various effects on other energies when they converge.

However, Universal energy goes way and beyond the boundaries of healing, it is the essence of life itself and although it is unseen it affects everyone. For example:

Take a radio or television signal – it is energy, but we can’t see it. It exists as it allows us to turn on our radios and TV’s allowing us to hear and see what that energy is relaying. Electricity is also energy, but we can’t see it. Which means, obviously, these energies exist. There are a multitude of energies around us that we cannot see, touch, hear or even interact with; that doesn’t mean they are not there. The Universe is energy; that is why what happens in the universe affects us in so many ways. God is energy, the ultimate and most powerful energy that exists.

You don’t see these many different forms of these energies because they operate on a different vibrational level than the energies that make up our own material bodies. Our eternal Spirit is energy; you are energy, the real you and not the material body that you live in. Silver Birch described it perfectly when he said “you are a Spirit with a body, not a body with a Spirit and it is Spirit that animates the body”. Spirit is at the core of the energy and essence of our being.

Our loved ones and distant family who have passed into Spirit are now pure energy. The vibrational consistency is such that we cannot see them, but through our own mediumistic prowess and that of trained mediums we can often make a connection – we create our own interaction by bringing the two worlds closer together. It is widely believed that mediums are capable of raising their level of vibrational energy and that is how we receive messages and communication through them; that is a simplified explanation.

Universal energy is the essence of everything – without it there would be nothing. We are living proof that it exists, experiencing it daily and we are an intrinsic part of it.

How do we know this is all true? Much of it is explained through science, but does it really come from God or is there some as yet undisclosed science to explain it? It can be a mixture of science, faith, belief and your own outlook. It doesn’t matter if you are open or closed minded, only you can determine your own beliefs.

You can use a number of factors (and this is not an exhaustive list) to help you decide: -

Experience: which you may have personally encountered or you have received an indisputable communication from a third party (a medium). If you see something or someone that isn’t normally around you, it may be Spirit; such manifestations can be audible, visual or you may smell something pleasant. If things move in your home or items go missing and then turn up somewhere unexpected, it may be Spirit. If you are lucky enough to receive an “apport” (a material gift from Spirit) then you will have your evidence.

Faith and Belief: A double sided-coin where you cannot have one without the other. If you believe in something, then you have faith in something. If you have faith, then you also believe. It can be a matter of degree as that is often enough for some people, but for others they need more and reading alone is sometimes never adequate; when you have an unquestionable personal experience any doubts you may have harboured will begin to recede and fade.

A willingness to learn: We must never make assumptions. We must try hard to remain open-minded and non-judgemental. Read about what others have experienced. If you can see similarities in their experiences with your own, then it would be folly to be totally dismissive without reason or cause. Many people are blessed with tangible experiences that cannot be easily explained away, often with physical proof to give credence to their experience. The so-called rational scientists who are called upon to investigate such happenings may often label them ‘unknown’ because they can’t rationalise them into something they can dissect and they are often reluctant to bow to a more divine power at work, relying instead wholly on their instrumentality and personal theories.

We must accept that we may have to ‘unlearn’ as well as learn; we can sometimes be persuaded to believe that which is not true, so we must be clear headed and open and be prepared to listen, learn, read and accept our own experiences. Combined they will give a foundation on which to build and then you may have the knowledge and ability to decide what is real and what is fantasy.

We’re not always as smart or clever as we often think or believe that we are. Many people will accept denial without question, that’s fine; we’re not here to convince or convert people to a way of thinking or living that they do not wish to consider. People need to find out for themselves! Then again, some people will accept blindly all that has been told them, that is almost as bad as denial and such people may often struggle to find the truth about life, the Universe and God.

The only sure way to find out is to investigate for yourself, delve into and ultimately experience first-hand the wonders of the energies that populate this amazing Universe that we have been gifted with – not least of which are our own lives and the ability to experience all that God has blessed us with.

The Universe is endless – the scope of God’s powers and Will are endless, and our Spirits are endless because energy cannot be destroyed; that is God’s Will and that is God’s Law, whether you believe or not.